Outdoor kitchens have been gaining popularity over the years and for great reason!

An outdoor kitchen can be a wonderful backyard addition that brings a multitude of benefits, however, not everyone sees why it is the worth the investment. Why would someone need two kitchens? Besides just having two great places to cook, there are many things you can do with an outdoor kitchen that you can’t do indoors. Here are a few examples of the benefits you get by cooking out-of-doors!

Ultimate entertainment space

First and foremost, an outdoor kitchen will provide you with an entertainment venue that the majority of indoor kitchens simply don’t have. There no longer has to be one or two people in the kitchen preparing food while everyone else hangs out elsewhere. Instead, you can be cooking and socializing with friends and family at the same time! An outdoor kitchen, in addition to a swimming pool, patio or garden area with seating, provides the perfect place for everyone to have fun and hang out together.

Outdoor heaters, fireplaces and fire-pits are also great entertainment focal points. During cooler weather, you can still use your outdoor kitchen and have guests gather around the firepit for a great evening outdoors. S’mores anyone?

Added touches

Your outdoor kitchen isn’t just for cooking meals. Whether used for entertaining others or just enjoying the backyard kitchen yourself, there are many lovely additions you can add to help create the perfect ambiance for any time.

  • Ambient lighting can create the perfect mood for any occasion, and with todays technology it can be controlled directly from your smartphone.
  • String lighting or lanterns can add a whimsical and fun touch to any area of your yard.
  • An outdoor speaker system lets music give a special touch to a party with friends, or a romantic evening with your spouse.
  • Covered patios or pergolas can extend your kitchen space and make room for comfy seating options as well as a big screen television.

Expand your possibilities

Do you love the flavor of authentic smoked meats? With an outdoor kitchen you aren’t just limited to a grill or stovetop, but can incorporate many other fun methods of cooking such as smokers, ovens, and pizza ovens! Pizza ovens are becoming a popular and exciting addition to any outdoor entertainment space. Who wouldn’t love fresh and delicious pizza made right at home?

Adding an outdoor kitchen also expands your cooking capabilities. If you have large parties or get togethers, your outdoor kitchen can be extremely helpful. You can choose a small or large grill, add side burners, griddles or choose from an array of possibilities that make your cooking experience easier than ever.

Keep your home clean

If you are cooking something messy and want to avoid any issues indoors, utilizing your outdoor cooking space is a great idea. Foods with bad or lingering smells, such as fish, can be cooked outside leaving your home smelling fresh and odor free!

Keep your cool while saving money

Summer can be brutal on your electric bills, with the choice of either a hot home or a running air conditioner, most people choose the latter. Things only get worse when it comes time to cook. Having your oven or stove on increases the heat in your home, making your air conditioner run harder and spiking up the cost of your bill. With an outdoor kitchen, you can fix your meal without making your kitchen feel like a furnace, and keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

Fans and misters can keep you cool while you utilize your outdoor kitchen, so you can still beat the heat while you cook!

Outdoor kitchens are a great investment

Last but not least, outdoor kitchens are a great investment! If you decide to sell your home at any point, future homebuyers will love to see a lovely backyard with a nice outdoor kitchen! Two kitchens are definitely better than one, especially since an outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy your swimming pool, gorgeous scenery or landscaping efforts. They also add value to your home as well as helping your home stand out from other listings.

Now that you know a few of the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen, the next step is choosing the best outdoor kitchen for you! With countless style and functionality options, you will be able to create the perfect outdoor entertainment space for you and your family to enjoy, for years to come.

By Sierra Waldrop